The Trust has aim to bring happiness in the life of those elders who are lost and forgotten in this fast moving 21st century. SNTC was started with the goal of providing free Tiffin service to homely senior citizens. The Tannas started by making food in their small kitchen for about 30 peoples. SNTC now provides lunch to above 105 senior citizens in an around Mulund everyday. To make sure the Tiffins reach the beneficiaries on time, the couple has partnered with the famous Mumbai Dabbawalas who do the delivery every day.

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SNTC now provides Lunch to
above 105 Senior Citizens.

The elders especially suffering by the vanishing & weakening bond with their
offsprings.The feeling of loneliness is making them more depressing and lost. We have found this trust just to support so many elders around us who living unlively life. TRUST is on a mission to provide the most basic requirement to our senior citizens that is fresh and healthy FOOD for 365 days at their door steps.